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Post-doctoral position in Chicago, IL/USA

10 January 2020

Post-doctoral position in Chicago, IL/USA

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Chicago, IL/USA


The laboratory of Dr. Jones G. Parker has an open position for a full-time Post-Doctoral Research Fellow s at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in downtown Chicago, IL. The lab uses two-photon and miniaturized fluorescence microsopes and transgenic mice to image neural activity and transmission in deep-brain areas.

The specific position entails using two-photon microscopy to simultaneously image multiple modalities of neural activity (calcium, dopamine, and gene expression) in defined populations of striatal neurons during a head-fixed striatum-dependent learning task.

The candidate will receive hands-on training in neural imaging approaches and the processing and analysis of large-scale imaging data. The candidate will have opportunity to develop and pursue their own research questions. Postdoctoral fellows in the lab will take the lead on writing up papers using new and existing data, and will be encouraged to present their findings at meetings and to pursue independent fellowships, grants (e.g., K-awards), collaborations, or other activities pertaining to the candidates desired professional goals.

Prior experience working with animals to do in vivo recordings or working with programming environments like MATLAB, or Python are highly desired, but not absolutely necessary. We welcome applications from diverse backgrounds who are highly motivated to acquire these skills.

Review of applications will begin immediately. Applicants should submit a cover letter detailing your research experience and fit for Dr. Parker’s lab, CV, 1–2 representative publications, and email addresses of three references. Applications should be emailed to

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Northwestern Unversity
Psychiatry, Physiology, and Pharmacology

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Jones Parker
320 E Superior St
Morton 5-666
Chicago, IL 60611

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