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Post-doctoral position in Geneva/Switzerland

13 January 2020

Post-doctoral position in Geneva/Switzerland

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We are looking to hire a motivated postdoctoral fellow within the laboratory of Camilla Bellone to work on an ERC funded project that aims at dissecting the circuits and mechanisms underlying social approach and social avoidance behavior.

Humans and other animals living in groups continuously experience situations in which they need to select appropriate behavioral responses upon exposure to conspecifics. At the very basis of this social behavior, individual need to decide for example whether to approach (positive or appetitive) or avoid (negative or aversive) other individuals. Using mice and employing multi-disciplinary approach, the successful candidate will investigate the brain circuits and synaptic mechanisms involved in conspecific approach and avoidance behavior.

Candidates should hold a PhD in Neuroscience or relative disciplines and should have a background in applying in vivo methods to neuronal circuit function. She/he must as well have a good knowledge in programming and in hardware required for data acquisition. In addition, we expect excellent communication and organization skills, and the ability to work as a team member.

Our laboratory is located at the Department of Basic Neuroscience at the University of Geneva. The department is at the heart of the neuroscience community in Geneva and with a core team of 13 groups, the aim is to understand neuronal circuits from molecules to behavior (

Interested applicants should send me an email (
and include their current CV, personal statement and contact information for 3 referees.

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University of Geneva
Department of Basic Neuroscience

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Camilla Bellone
Department Basic Neuroscience
rue Michel-Servet 1
1205 Geneve

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