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Post-doctoral position in New Haven, Connecticut/USA

13 January 2020

Post-doctoral position in New Haven, Connecticut/USA

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New Haven, Connecticut/USA



The Biederer group at Yale University offers two postdoc positions in synaptic biology. The long-term goal of our research is to define how synapses develop and mature. Our entry point to understand these fundamental processes are the synapse-organizing complexes spanning the synaptic cleft. We look to recruit one postdoc for each of these current projects:

1 Dynamic Control of Synaptic Properties
This project will determine how synapse structure and function are acutely controlled by synaptic adhesion proteins. We will utilize novel methods to rapidly manipulate trans-synaptic interactions in cultured neurons. Approaches combine superresolution imaging, genomic tagging and proteomics.

2 Specification and Remodeling of Neuronal Connectivity in vivo
How do synapse-organizing molecules serve as positive and negative regulators of synapse formation? We will study this in the context of cognitive functions and additionally in drug addiction. The approaches use mouse models and region-specific targeting of synaptic organizers.

OUR RESEARCH. Our multidisciplinary research on synapse development and maturation spans from molecular mechanisms to studies of synaptic input specification in vivo. You find more info at

OUR TRAINING ENVIRONMENT. We emphasize an engaging, intellectually stimulating environment. Individualized training, including in advanced methodologies, is key to the success of our group members.

WHAT WE LOOK FOR. We look for cellular and developmental neuroscientists with a successful publication record. Are you highly motivated, pay utmost attention to your work, and are you excited about innovative projects? Then apply. Please send your CV to and outline your research interests.

Biederer Lab
Department of Neurology
Yale School of Medicine

Job Information

Contract length:
3 years with possibility of extension
Yale University School of Medicine
Department of Neurology

Contact Information

Thomas Biederer
Yale School of Medicine
Biederer Lab, Department of Neurology
300 George Street, 8300
New Haven, CT 06511
+1 (203) 737-3416

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