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Post-doctoral position in Munich/Germany

14 January 2020

Post-doctoral position in Munich/Germany

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In the research group “Stress Resilience” at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry we use various mouse stress models in combination with genetic manipulations to unravel the molecular, genetic and circuit-level underpinnings of individual stress resilience and the vulnerability to stress-related disorders. The successful applicant will integrate the manipulation of stress-related brain circuits under different environmental conditions with in-depth behavioral analyses. To reach this goal, the applicant will apply optogenetic, chemogenetic, genetic or pharmacological manipulations and investigate the effect of these interventions on long-term behavioral alterations in single or group-living mice using various state-of-the-art behavioral analyses. Furthermore, the project will focus on understanding the molecular mechanism underlying individual stress resilience, using a wide array of molecular techniques. We are looking especially for an advanced postdoc, who can also guide and co-supervise PhD students and can use this position to transition into an independent researcher.

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Employment start date:
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2 years
Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry
Neurobiology of Stress Resilience

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Mathias Schmidt
Kraepelinstr 2-10
80804 Munich

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