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Ph.D. Student in London/UK

21 January 2020

Ph.D. Student in London/UK

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Fully funded, 4-year PhD studentship in developmental neuroscience
Topic: Neuronal activity in circuit development

Mutations in synaptic genes, including many glutamate receptors, are strongly associated with neurodevelopmental disorders, especially autism and epilepsy.

Using a combination of conditional transgenic mouse lines and circuit-targeted in vivo delivery of viral / expression constructs, postsynaptic glutamate receptors will be manipulated in specific circuits. The impact on functional and structural circuit development, as well as neuronal excitability, will be addressed using electrophysiology, functional and structural imaging, including 3D imaging of cleared brain samples. The student will acquire expertise in many cutting edge techniques, and become part of the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, a world leading department for developmental neuroscience, as well as an exceptionally supportive and collaborative environment.

UK/EU citizens only eligible, stipend of approx £21,450 per year,

For more information and to apply, go to:

And click on 'Fully funded 4-year PhD studentship at the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology'

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Employment start date:
Contract length:
4 years
King's College London
Centre for Developmental Neurobiology

Contact Information

Laura Andreae
Centre for Developmental Neurobiology
King's College London
4th Floor, New Hunt's House,
Guy's Campus
London SE1 1UL

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