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Ph.D. Student in Regensburg/Germany

11 February 2020

Ph.D. Student in Regensburg/Germany

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Your qualifications:
• a MSc degree in biology or physics or related subjects, ideally with grade ≥ 2.5
• broad interests, mathematical/analytical thinking, independent problem-solving
• interest in method development/refinement; ideally, prior experience in electrophysiology
• very good skills in English

We offer:
• an interdisciplinary environment within a motivated team
• access to modern methods of cellular neurobiology (e.g. two-photon imaging/uncaging)
• further career development within an interdisciplinary graduate college (see below) and structured graduate program RIGeL

The project is funded by the DFG graduate college 2174 ‘Neurobiology of Emotion dysfunctions’ (Speaker Prof. Inga Neumann). Oxytocin (OXT) is known to be a potent neuromodulator that plays a pivotal role in social communcation and emotional processing. OXT has recently been reported to facilitate social recognition via acting on feedback to the bulb from the olfactory cortex (Oettl et al., Neuron 2016). However, OXT receptors (OXTR) are also widely expressed within the rodent olfactory bulb, but their role in olfaction is not yet known. Preliminary data indicate that OXTRs are present on local interneurons, including a subset of granule cells. Moreover, there is evidence for functional activation of the bulb by OXT, which seems paradoxical at first glance, given the dampening influence of OXT during social signalling via the olfactory cortex.
We plan to elucidate the role of OXTR signalling for bulbar activity. Effects will be studied in detail with electrophysiological whole-cell recordings from OXTR neurons and high-resolution imaging, and the relevance of the findings in the context of emotion dysfunction will be tested in collaboration with members of the research training group.
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Contract length:
3 years
Universität Regensburg
Institute of Zoology

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Veronica Egger
Universitätsstr. 30
Institute of Zoology
Regensburg University
93040 Regensburg

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