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Post-doctoral position in Houston/USA

20 February 2020

Post-doctoral position in Houston/USA

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We are looking for a post-doctoral researcher with a strong background in neuroscience to join the Neuroimmunology lab at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Applicants should hold (or soon receive) a Ph.D. in neuroscience or a related discipline. The research project will study the ability of immune system-targeted nanotherapies to alleviate pain in rodent models of neuropathy. Experience working with rodents and a background in neuroscience, pain research and/or immunology is preferred. The position, funded by a Department of Defense grant, is available July 1, 2020.

Research Activity:
• Immunohistochemistry and microscopy studies on nervous system and other tissues.
• Behavioral assays of physical activity and pain in mice.
• Work with genetically modified mice.
• Live-cell imaging of neuronal/immune cell physiology.
• Isolate and run biochemical experiments on protein & RNA isolated from mouse tissues.
• Perform pharmacological manipulations in vivo.
• Prepare and write manuscripts for publication.

Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Learning Skills:
• Strong written and oral communication skills.
• Communication with faculty and staff within and outside the laboratory.
• Ability to work with others in a highly collaborative manner.
• Good problem-solving abilities.

Other Duties:
• Responsible for monitoring laboratory equipment and implementing safety procedures.
• Strong interest in basic and translational research.
• Supervision of 1-2 research assistants.

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MD Anderson Cancer Center
Symptom Research

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Andrew Shepherd
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Zayed Building Z8.5046
6565 MD Anderson Blvd
Houston, TX 77030

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