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Post-doctoral position in Amsterdam/Netherlands

21 February 2020

Post-doctoral position in Amsterdam/Netherlands

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The Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) are looking for 3 PhD student position or 3 Postdoctoral researcher position to work on Architectures and learning methods for hierarchical cognitive processing. Our recent theoretical insights have allowed a preliminary understanding of how animals learn to represent and memorize the key features of sensory stimuli for the guidance of action based on reinforcement learning (Rombouts et al. PloS Comp Biol 2015; Holtmaat & Roelfsema, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 2018). The present project focuses on the hierarchical learning of cognitive subroutines, which can be incorporated into larger routines, by trial and error. We aim to develop a biologically plausible learning rules that endow neural networks with the possibility to learn hierarchical task structures and learn and execute cognitive tasks. Topics of interest include - the role of learnable/flexible working memory models in learning and executing hierarchically structures routines. The project is a collaboration between in the Vision & Cognition group (Dr. Pieter Roelfsema) at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and the Machine Learning Lab at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in Amsterdam (Dr. Sander Bohte).
You are highly motivated, have a solid computational background, an interest in cognitive neuroscience and good programming skills.The position involves a temporary appointment for 3-4 years. The first appointment is for one year with extension for the remaining period pending on an evaluation. We offer a competitive salary with excellent secondary benefits and friendly taxes, and also an extremely friendly, interactive and international working environment. We offer an exciting job at a dynamic research institute and an attractive package of fringe benefits.

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3-4 years
Vision & Cognition group / Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and the Machine Learning Lab

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Pieter Roelfsema
Meibergdreef 47, 1105 BA Amsterdam

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