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Group Leader in Amsterdam/Netherlands

12 March 2020

Group Leader in Amsterdam/Netherlands

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The department of Integrative Neurophysiology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam ( invites applications for a five-year tenure-track faculty position in the area of systems neuroscience with an emphasis on the role of neuronal circuits and cell types in behavior. We are specifically seeking talented investigators who will develop an independent and innovative research program using rodent models. This program will use state of the art techniques (e.g., opto-/chemogenetics, neurophysiological recordings, cell type-specific 2photon/miniscope calcium imaging during behavior, viral tracing) to study neural circuit function, within or related to the mesocorticolimbic system, and how alterations of these circuits lead to behavioral and cognitive defects, mimicking those found in patients suffering from brain disorders. The successful candidate’s research program will help complement existing expertise within the department for which significant infrastructure and operating funds have already been acquired.
The Integrative Neurophysiology department is part of the NWO Gravitation consortium ‘Brainscapes’ and is funded by USA NIH Brain Initiative, the EU Human Brain Project and the Netherlands research council NWO with large investments currently supporting ambitious efforts to advance understanding of the function of cell types in the human and rodent brain in neuronal circuits and behavior. Amsterdam is the home of the largest neuroscience community in the Netherlands, represented by the Amsterdam Neuroscience organization. We offer attractive salary and start-up packages and an exciting, supportive environment designed to allow starting faculty to develop robust research programs.
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5 years
VU University Amsterdam
Centre for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research (CNCR), Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam

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Huib Mansvelder
De Boelelaan 1085

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