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Research Engineer for ERC Project in TOULOUSE/France

12 March 2020

Research Engineer for ERC Project in TOULOUSE/France

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We are looking for a Research Engineer specialized in multiphotonic imaging to participate in the ERC Advanced Grant 'Cognibrains', which aims at recording neural activity in vivo in the bee brain for bees walking stationary on a treadmill, and placed in a virtual reality environment coupled to the multiphoton microscope. The Research Engineer will be fully (100%) dedicated to this project and will be responsible for the maintenance and control of the imaging system required for these experiments. He/she will conduct experiments and assist users working in the ERC project and accessing the multiphoton microscope. He/she will design and implement acquisition strategies to obtain reliable and analytic data of brain activity in vivo. The work will be carried out in close contact with a post-doctoral fellow recruited for the same project.
A proven experience in multiphotonic imaging is required. Understanding and use of multiphoton microscopes should be documented. Further expertises required are: knowledge on signal processing and analysis of observed calcium signals, a capacity to implement and develop neuronal marking suitable for observation under the multiphoton microscope, and statistical processing of imaging data. Unity programming would be highly welcome (virtual reality programming).

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Three Years
CRCA UMR5169 - Université Paul Sabatier
Centre de Biologie Intégrative - Toulouse

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Martin Giurfa
Research Center on Animal Cognition
Center of Integrative Biology
CNRS - University Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III
118 Route de Narbonne
31062 Toulouse cedex 9

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