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Ph.D. Student in Amsterdam/Netherlands

25 March 2020

Ph.D. Student in Amsterdam/Netherlands

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The Willuhn lab is looking for a PhD student to start this summer to study neurobiological mechanisms of deep-brain stimulation (DBS) and compulsive behavior. We pursue our research goals using tailor-made behavioral assays for mice and rats combined with in-vivo methods for neuro-stimulation (optogenetics), neurochemical measurements (fast-scan cyclic voltammetry), electrophysiological recordings (single-unit activity, LFPs), and calcium imaging (miniaturized fluorescence microscopes). We aim to apply our basic-science findings from relevant animal models to psychiatric illnesses that are studied and treated at the Psychiatry department of the Amsterdam University Medical Centers (UMC). UMC Psychiatry attends to the worldwide greatest population of OCD patients that receive DBS treatment. Although DBS is effective in OCD, its mechanism of action is not well understood and its efficacy is yet to be optimized. Thus, the PhD candidate will study brain function with the primary focus on neural signals in the basal ganglia and its afferent projections during relevant operant behavior using cutting-edge research tools for in-vivo electrophysiology and/or calcium imaging in freely-moving rodents. The goal of these studies is to identify a brain signature of compulsivity and characterize the neuronal mechanisms of DBS to inspire optimized treatment of OCD patients.

The ideal candidate has experience analyzing complex data using Matlab (or similar software packages) or with electrophysiology/calcium imaging. Candidates should be highly motivated, detail-oriented, have excellent oral and written communication skills in English, and should be eager to integrate into a fun, creative, multi-cultural, and collaborative team of scientists. Please, send us your CV, a motivation letter including a description of previous research experience and future goals, and contact information for two references.

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4 years
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
Neuromodulation and Behavior

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Nicole Yee
Meibergdreef 47
1105BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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