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Ph.D. Student in Trieste/Italy

21 May 2020

Ph.D. Student in Trieste/Italy

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Pathophysiology of Kidins220-linked human neurodevelopmental disorders.

Kidins220 is a transmembrane scaffolding protein whose expression is enriched in the nervous system. The complete ablation of Kidins220 in mice causes embryonic lethality with widespread apoptosis in the central and peripheral nervous system and cardiovascular defects (Cesca et al 2011; Cesca et al 2012; Scholz-Starke et al 2012; Cesca et al 2015). Recently, mutations in the KIDINS220 gene have been associated to severe neurodevelopmental pathologies in humans, characterized by spastic paraplegia and mental retardation (Josifova et al 2016; Mero et al 2017; Yang et al 2018), however, the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying such severe pathologies are still completely unexplored.

The project will study the impact of Kidins220 mutant proteins: (i) on neuronal development and synaptogenesis, as well as on the response to trophic factors in terms of axon/dendrite differentiation and activation of intracellular signaling; (ii) on astrocyte maturation and physiology and on astrocyte-to-neuron communication.

The selected student will have a good background in cellular and molecular neurobiology; some experience in dissection of primary neurons and/or astrocytes from rodents will be an advantage. He/she will have good interpersonal skills, and be motivated to work in the field of molecular neuropathology.

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3 years
Università di Trieste
Department of Life Sciences

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Fabrizia Cesca
Fabrizia Cesca, PhD
Department of Life Sciences, University of Trieste
Building Q, room 216 - via L. Giorgeri, 5
34127 Trieste (Italy)

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