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Post-doctoral position in Québec/Canada

21 May 2020

Post-doctoral position in Québec/Canada

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Prof. Marquet’s Laboratory has launched a strong program aiming at modeling the neurodevelopment component of major psychiatric diseases using patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Prof. Marquet’s Laboratory is located at the CERVO Brain Research Centre.
The project involves the design and implementation of the robotization of an internally developed high-throughput screening microscope and the management of its massive data in order to build a dedicated cellular phenotyping platform. In addition, sound and efficient management of the massive data produced by the high throughput screening microscope will need to be developed.
The heart of the high throughput screening platform is a digital holographic microscope (DHM), a device that allows for quantitative phase measurements on transparent or semi-transparent samples, without the use of contrast media with a very low lighting power. The integration of external components and their automation is however necessary to obtain a configuration and a geometry adapted to the study of the living cells. A super-continuum laser, a sample displacement stage, a temperature-controlled environmental chamber, an imaging chamber governing the gases, an infusion system, a fluorescence module, and an electrophysiology system will be integrated. Under the supervision of the researcher, the student will have to perform the following tasks among others:
• Design and implement the electronics of the trigger signals
• Program a microcontroller and control an acquisition card
• Synchronize different high speed video streams
• Work with various communication protocols
• Design and program synchronization software to control all components
• Design and program real-time image processing software
• Create protocols to use a combination of cascading external components
• Test integration of all components by demonstrating evidence of principles in cellular imaging
• Design and deploy a massive data management procedure

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2 years
Université Laval
Département de psychiatrie et de neurosciences

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Pierre Marquet
2601, chemin de la Canardière
Québec,, (Québec), G1J 2G3
418663-5747 ext.4087

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