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Ph.D. Student in Edinburgh/UK

22 May 2020

Ph.D. Student in Edinburgh/UK

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Applications are invited for one 3.5 year full-time fully funded PhD studentship in the lab of Dr Gülşen Surmeli at the University of Edinburgh. The candidate will join our research program to investigate neural circuits for cognitive processes and how these are affected in disease.

The PhD will explore key mechanisms for memory processing in the cortex and test hypotheses for how aberrant hippocampal function in autism spectrum disorders leads to deficits in behavior through altered representation of information in the neocortex. We will employ a variety of molecular as well as electrophysiological techniques to delineate the architecture of hippocampal-neocortical circuits. In addition head mounted miniature microscopes will be used to image activity in populations of cortical neurons in freely moving mice performing hippocampus dependent visio-spatial tasks. Results will help to achieve a mechanistic understanding of behavioural deficits in fragile X models in particular, and for validating approaches that could be applied more generally to other autism models.

Learning opportunities include performing stereotaxic brain surgeries in mice, developing and using viral intervention tools for circuit mapping through optogenetics and fluorescent imaging, gaining skills to perform electrical and calcium recordings in behaving mice and analysis of large ensemble neuronal activity recordings. The exact range of techniques to be used will depend on the specific design of the project after discussions with the candidate.

This award provides an annual stipend of £15,235 per annum (amended annually in line with annual RCUK stipend percentage changes) plus fees at Home/EU level.

The ideal candidate is a motivated and self driven person with a quantitative mindset. Successful applicants should have, or expect to get, at least an upper 2nd class degree (or the foreign equivalent).

For more information contact Dr Gülşen Surmeli

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Closing date:
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3,5 years
University of Edinburgh
Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

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Gulsen Surmeli
University of Edinburgh, 15 George Square EH8 9XD

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