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Post-doctoral position in Jerusalem/Israel

20 June 2020

Post-doctoral position in Jerusalem/Israel

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We are seeking motivated Post-doctoral candidates to study luminance-dependent modulation of retinal function.

The mammalian retina maintains high sensitivity over an extraordinary range of luminance levels, ranging from starlight to bright sunlight. This is achieved by switching between the rod and cone systems, and within each system, by employing light adaptation mechanisms that preserve a contrast-invariant response. While dopamine is known to modulate retinal network activity in proportion to luminance, the luminance-dependent signals and the circuits that transmit them to elicit light adaptation, remain elusive. Our work identified a family of luxotonic amacrine cells in which activity increases with luminance level and are poised to modulate retinal function in a luminance-dependent manner. We determine the kinetics of the synaptic input to luxotonic amacrine cells, identify their pre- and postsynaptic partners, and test their role in retinal light adaptation. Implementing optogenetics, chemogenetics, functional imaging, whole-cell electrophysiology, and serial section electron microscopy, this study will help further our understanding of a fundamental adaptive mechanism in a key sensory modality.

Successful candidates will show solid communication skills in English, ability to work both independently and as part of a research team, strong scientific motivation, proved experience in patch-clamp electrophysiology, and skill in Matlab or python programming. Experience in optogenetics or two-photon imaging would be an advantage.

An application package, including a motivation letter, curriculum vitae, list of publications and names of 2-3 referees, should be sent to Dr. Shai Sabbah (

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Funding is available for four years and can be extended, if necessary.
Hebrew University
Department of Medical Neurobiology

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Shai Sabbah
Faculty of Medicine, Ein Kerem
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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