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Post-doctoral position in Wurzburg/Germany

30 June 2020

Post-doctoral position in Wurzburg/Germany

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PostDoc position in the Institute of Clinical Neurobiology, Defense Circuits Lab. The defense circuits lab is looking for a highly motivated individual interested in pursuing basic and translational research into the neuronal circuits underlying interactions between motor functions and fear and anxiety states. A PhD in neuroscience is preferred, but no re-quirement. Researchers from neuroscience-related fields or Biology, Physics, Biochemistry, etc. with a strong interest in circuit mechanisms of brain function are welcome to apply. The ideal candidate has a documented track-record in neuroscience research and experience with in vivo electrophysiology, calcium imaging, rodent behaviour, or optogenetics. Script-ing/programming skills are a plus. Although intensive mentoring will be provided, the appli-cant's ability to independently plan, conduct and analyze experiments and to prepare the results for publication is desirable. Proficiency in English and good communication skills, as well as team player qualities are required.

Start of position: October 2020
Salary bracket: E13 (100%), German TVÖ-L

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Contract length:
4 years
University Hospital Wurzburg
Institute of Clinical Neurobiology

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Philip Tovote
Philip Tovote
Systems Neurobiology
Institute of Clinical Neurobiology
Versbacher Strasse 5
97078 Wurzburg

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