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Post-doctoral position in Jena/Germany

09 July 2020

Post-doctoral position in Jena/Germany

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Postdoc in Biochemistry / Cell biology / Neurobiology (+ further towards group leader) - - -
Using a wide range of molecular biological, protein biochemical and microscopic techniques as well as cell biological assays, we do groundbreaking research on basic processes of life.
In particular, the focus is on aspects required for the correct functioning of neurons. Proper neuronal cell shape development and plasticity are essential prerequisites for neuronal network formation, information processing in the brain and plastic adjustments representing an important basis for learning and memory processes. All of these processes are largely guaranteed by actin cytoskeleton and membrane topology-modulating proteins.
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The project:
The aim of the project offered is to molecularly characterize physiological and pathophysiological forms of high-performance membrane-forming proteins (Schneider et al. 2014 J. Cell Biol .; Seemann et al. 2017 eLIFE; Koch et al. 2020 Cereb. Cortex; Wolf et al. 2019 Nat. Cell Biol.) and to thereby assign mechanistic and cell biological functions in physiology and disease to them. These studies are intended to provide essential new insights into the formation and plasticity of cell morphologies. In addition, research is to be carried out to elucidate how such proteins control the membrane-associated actin cytoskeleton and how their functions are regulated by various signaling pathways (Hou et al. 2015 PLoS Biol .; Izadi et al. 2018 J. Cell Biol .; Hou et al. 2018 Dev. Cell).
The project thereby provides important insights into basic processes of life, such as neuronal network formation as well as information transfer and storage in the brain. - -

Your profile:
• PhD
• Motivation to do indep. scientific research in an ambitious, international team
• Sound knowledge & exp. in: Biochemistry, Mol. bio., Cell biology, Microscopy
• Fluent english
• Teaching experiences (best: in German)
• Software knowledge (data, imaging, statististics)

Job Information

Closing date:
Contract length:
3 years + possible extension to develop your carreer towards becoming a research group leader
Jena University Hospital at Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Institute for Biochemistry I

Contact Information

Micheal M. Kessels
Please direct your complete application (cover letter, CV, certificates incl. grades (and an explanation/decoding of the grading system used)); list of publications & honours; 2‐3 ref. addresses) to
Prof. Dr. Britta Qualmann & PD Dr. Michael M. Kessels,
University Hospital Jena - Friedrich Schiller University Jena,
Institute of Biochemistry I,
Nonnenplan 2-4,
07743 Jena,
Germany - - -

Please submit your application by E‐mail to Michael.Kessels@med.uni‐ (PDFs preferred)
- - -
The FSU Jena is an equal opportunity employer promoting the advance of women in science.

Jena was ranked second in the German career atlas (right behind Munich)!

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