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Post-doctoral position in Braga/Portugal

22 July 2020

Post-doctoral position in Braga/Portugal

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We are looking for a motivated in vivo electrophysiologist to carry out an exciting postdoc in my lab.

- Project:
Decoding the neuron-astrocyte dialogue that supports cognitive processing

- Work plan:
Application of in vivo electrophysiology techniques to study cognitive function in rodent models. The experimental approach includes (1) manipulation and testing, recording of spike and LFP activity in anesthetized and freely moving mice; (2) analysis and interpretation of the resulting data. All experimental steps are included: electrode production, surgery, recording, behavior analysis, and data analysis and interpretation.

The project will be carried out at the ICVS, School of Medicine (Braga, Portugal), under the supervision of Dr. João Oliveira.

The candidate should:
- Hold a PhD in Neuroscience or similar (MSc in Biomedical o Electronics Engineering, Health Sciences, Biology, Biochemistry or similar)
- Have experience in the techniques included in the work plan (ie. background in electronics/signal analysis, in vivo recordings, animal behavior analysis)
- Be fluent in English
- Duration:
1-6 years, starting after September 2020
The selected applicant is entitled to apply for current long-term funding opportunities:

= Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships

= la Caixa Foundation - Postdoctoral Junior Leader fellowships

= National FCT Call - Scientific Employment Stimulus (6-year contract)

Send me your CV, and contact me for more information by August 5.

Job Information

Closing date:
Contract length:
1-6 years
ICVS - School of Medicine, University of Minho

Contact Information

Joao Filipe OLIVEIRA
ICVS - School of Medicine
University of Minho
Campus de Gualtar
Braga, Portugal

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