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Post-doctoral position in London/UK

23 July 2020

Post-doctoral position in London/UK

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Two new postdoctoral positions are available to investigate how early life experience influences brain development funded by the European Research Council (ERC).

The Rico Lab is interested in understanding the development of cortical neurons and how they are organized in functional networks, with a particular emphasis in cortical GABAergic circuitries (Favuzzi et al., Science 2019; Hinojosa et al., Cell Reports 2018; Favuzzi et al Neuron 2017; del Pino et al Nature Neuroscience 2017; Del Pino et al., Neuron 2013; Fazzari et al., Nature 2010).

The Centre for Developmental Neurobiology and MRC Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders are world-leading centres in the field of developmental neuroscience and brain disorders, situated in central London.

We are looking for highly motivated postdocs, with a PhD awarded preferably within the last year and a strong record of publications.


• Position 1: PhD in Neuroscience and experience with in vivo 2-photon microscopy or electrophysiology recordings (LFP) in anaesthetise and/or behaving rodents
• Position 2: PhD in Neuroscience and experience in Cellular, Molecular Biology and/or RNA sequencing.

• Experience in cerebral cortex and viral tracing of neural circuits

Applicants should send an email to Beatriz Rico ( including: (1) A brief description of past achievements and motivation; (2) CV; and (3) contact information of two scientists from whom references could be requested.

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Funding is available for two years with possibility of extension up to four years
King's College London
Centre for Developmental Neurobiology, MRC Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

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Beatriz Rico
Guy's campus

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