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Group leaders + Postdocs (f/m/d) full time and part time positions in Tuebingen/Germany

10 August 2020

Group leaders + Postdocs (f/m/d) full time and part time positions in Tuebingen/Germany

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As a translational group, we develop novel neuromodulation tools and work closely together with biomedical companies to gain access to innovative neurotechnology. We combine basic studies on healthy subjects with clinical studies on patient populations, and apply the knowledge gained from these studies to refine our treatment protocols.

Representative work from our group: Scherer et al. Neuroimage. 2020, Milosevic et al. Mov Disord. 2020, Naros et al. Cereb Cortex. 2020, Vukelić et al. Neuroimage. 2019, Ziegler et al. Brain Stimul. 2019, Guggenberger et al. Brain Stimul. 2018, Naros et al. Mov Disord. 2018, Khademi et al. Cereb Cortex. 2018, Kraus et al. J Neurosci. 2018

We offer

Access to novel brain stimulation paradigms to expand the understanding of the human brain and develop new therapies.
Opportunity to work with in vivo electrophysiological data from patients and healthy controls.
Support of your work with a broad range of pre-built analysis tools and assistance in designing your own approaches.
Access to state-of-the-art technologies to generate reliable results.


Master’s degree or PhD in the field of Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, Data Science or related fields.
Solid understanding of statistical data analysis, digital signal processing and/or programming principles.
Programming skills in Python or MATLAB and/or experience in applying statistical tools, e.g. machine learning for data analysis.
Experience with relevant neuromodulation and/or electrophysiological techniques, e.g., BCI/BMI, tDCS/tACS, TMS, VNS, NMES, DBS, M/EEG, LFP, MER and/or EMG.


Deadline is 30.09.2020

Include in your application within one pdf-file:

- Cover letter outlining (i) how you meet the requirements for the position, (ii) which techniques/methods you would like to be involved in, (iii) relevant details of your past research projects, and (iv) an explanation of how your previous experience lends itself to your research program. (~750 words)

- Curriculum vitae

- Names and email addresses of three professional references

- Transcript of Records

- TOEFL scores or other evidence of English and/or German proficiency

- GRE scores (optional)

Please send your application electronically to:

Job Information

Closing date:
Contract length:
three years
Institute for Neuromodulation and Neurotechnology; University of Tübingen

Contact Information

Chairman and Director Prof. Dr. Alireza Gharabaghi
Institute for Neuromodulation and Neurotechnology
Department of Neurosurgery and Neurotechnology
University Hospital and University of Tuebingen
Otfried-Mueller-Str. 45 | D-72076 Tübingen | Germany
Phone +49-7071-29-85849 | Fax +49-7071-29-25104

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