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Group Leader in Budapest/Hungary

11 September 2020

Group Leader in Budapest/Hungary

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The Institute of Experimental Medicine in Budapest, Hungary invites applications for independent scientific group leader positions. The Institute, an internationally renowned Center of Excellence in neuroscience, hosts scientific groups in diverse fields of neuroscience applying molecular, anatomical, physiological, pharmacological and behavioral approaches, and offers several state-of-the-art core facilities supporting research (see detailed information at
The successful applicant(s) is(are) expected to establish an internationally competitive research group(s) that integrates into and strengthens the existing research profile of the Institute, and preferably offers interdisciplinary cooperation opportunities.

The successful applicant(s) should have a Ph.D. in natural sciences and should be an international expert in experimental or computational neuroscience. Requirements are strong scientific track-record, demonstrating independent research leadership abilities, international experience, competence in supervising a scientific team and excellent cooperation skills.

Applications should include (1) a CV, (2) a full publication list and 5 selected (most important) publications, (3) the summary of research achievements (max. 2 pages), (4) scientific concept and plans (2 pages) and (5) presentation of leadership and cooperation experience (half a page). The applications should be submitted by 21st September 2020 by email to:

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Institute of Experimental Medicine

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Zoltan Nusser
Szigony u. 43., Budapest, Hungary
36 1 210 9983

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