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Post-doctoral position in Budapest/Hungary

30 September 2020

Post-doctoral position in Budapest/Hungary

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Momentum Visual Systems Neuroscience research group is looking for a postdoctoral researcher.

Around 4% of humanity suffers from early development eye diseases that affect binocular integration. These diseases affect also the visual cortex causing reading and movement coordination impairments. These changes, especially the function of visual cortex neural circuits, cannot be restored using current therapies. The execution of visually driven behaviors depends on the coordinated computations of several brain regions. Our research aims to reveal the role of cortical and subcortical brain areas and single neuron types in normal vision and induced amblyopic animals. Our research group ( uses cutting edge genetically targeted optical and functional ultrasound based neural circuit access strategies in preclinical animal models. These methods enable the causal and neural cell type-specific testing and reconstruction of the binocular integration in induced amblyopia disease model. The prospective applicant will have the opportunity to use the most advanced 3D multiphoton imaging techniques in collaboration with the Laboratory of 3D Functional Network and Dendritic Imaging lab.

For further information, contact Interested applicants should send a CV and a research statement in a single PDF file.

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Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology

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Kinga Toth
Magyar tudósok körútja 2.

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