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Ph.D. Student in SAN JUAN (ALICANTE)/Spain

13 October 2020

Ph.D. Student in SAN JUAN (ALICANTE)/Spain

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A four-year PhD contract is available in the Sensory and Nociception group. Our research aims at understanding how sensory neurons detect different environmental signals and produce a coded message that eventually leads to a sensation.
Our current focus is on the structure and function of TRP and Piezo2 channels that act as molecular transducers of thermal and mechanical signals in peripheral nerve terminals.
A major goal of the current project is to characterize subpopulations of primary sensory neurons in different models of chronic pain guided by transcriptional profiling at the single cell level, and the optogenetic interrogation of thermosensory and mechanosensory circuits.
Candidates should hold a Master degree in Physical or Life Sciences. We are looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic candidate, fluent in English and with good quantitative skills. A virtual interview will be carried out with potential candidates. For the selection which will be taken into account together with the Curriculum Vitae. Previous experience will be also evaluated.
Interested applicants should send their CV, academic records and a motivation letter to Félix Viana ( and Ana Gomis (

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4 years
Instituto de Neurociencias . UMH-CSIC
Cellular and Systems Neurobiology

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Ana Gomis García
Av. Santiago Ramon y Cajal s/n

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