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Ph.D. Student in Rovereto/Italy

22 October 2020

Ph.D. Student in Rovereto/Italy

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The Functional Neuroimaging laboratory at the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Rovereto (Italy), invites applications for a PhD scholarship in the field of neuroimaging and computational neuroscience.
Our research is aimed at unravelling the neural an etiological basis of brain connectopathy in developmental disorders. We address this question by implementing genetic manipulations and cross-species analysis of functional and structural connectivity at different levels of inquiry (macro- and mesoscale). For reference to recent work relevant to this position, please see Coletta et al., biorXive (2020), Pagani et al., BiorXive (2020) and Zerbi et al., BiorXive (2020).
Applicants must have a Master’s degree in engineering, computer science, physics, biotechnology, neuroscience or a related discipline, and proven experience in computational or statistical methods for complex image analysis. Hands-on experience with Matlab, and Linux-based environment is strongly desirable.
The four-year studentship aims to provide students with a multi-disciplinary training in conducting research at the interface of biomedical imaging, computational image analysis, and experimental neuroscience, including the use of advanced neural-manipulations.
The studentship is part of the international doctoral school in cognitive and brain sciences, in partnership with the University of Trento ( Final admission to the doctoral school entails a competitive selection process, as per the doctoral school regulations.
The IIT center in Rovereto is actively expanding its infrastructure for systems level neuroscience research, and is located in Trentino, a region of Northern Italy nestled in the Dolomite Mountains, offering spectacular natural beauty, vibrant culture and exceptional quality of life.
Please send your application (full CV, two academic referees, statement of research interest) to no later than December 24th, 2020

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Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia
Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory

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Alessandro Gozzi
Corso Bettini, 31
38068 Rovereto

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