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Technician in London/UK

24 October 2020

Technician in London/UK

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We are seeking a highly motivated and talented Senior Research Technician who thrives in working in a fast-paced and innovative research environment.

The Busche lab ( is part of the UK Dementia Research Institute conducting research on Alzheimer’s disease and related dementing illnesses with an emphasis on mouse models, using a variety of cutting-edge in vitro and in vivo experimental techniques.

The successful candidate will be supporting the group’s research programme and directly contributing to research projects. This will include performing aseptic stereotaxic surgeries, handling and care of mice, training mice in behavioural tasks, imaging of live and fixed preparations, carrying out histological and molecular work, helping to collect and collate data with other team members, performing of the analyses of imaging, electrophysiology and behavioural datasets, as well as other general laboratory tasks. We are looking for someone with meticulous attention to detail, who is self-motivated and conscientious, and dedicated to supporting our research programmes.

This is a unique opportunity to join a recently established research laboratory and work in a vibrant research environment at the cutting edge of disease-related neuroscience, and participate in collaborations within the UK Dementia Research Institute, as well as with external international laboratories and industry partners. The post provides an ideal setting to gain experience in a world-class research environment and there is considerable scope to grow within the role and the laboratory.

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University College London
UK Dementia Research Institute

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Marc Aurel Busche
University College London
Cruciform Building
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

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