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Post-doctoral position in Nouzilly/France

29 October 2020

Post-doctoral position in Nouzilly/France

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A postdoctoral fellowship position is available (starting Winter/Spring 2021). Our laboratory investigates signal transduction mechanisms with the ultimate goal of elucidating the molecular and cellular events that modulate mammalian social behavior. Our main interest is to define the molecular, cellular and neural basis of basic olfactory-mediated social behaviors – from circuit characterization to behavioral relevance. In the recent years, we have pioneered the characterization of olfactory signaling mechanisms that have important implications in aggression, sexual behavior and predator recognition. Our multidisciplinary approach includes genetically modified mice, microendoscopic recordings in vivo, circuit tracing, high-resolution imaging, and behavior testing to manipulate and monitor the physiological properties of olfactory circuits and to address their functional role in the control of social behavior. The goal of this project is to investigate circuits underlying social behavior processing in mouse models using in vivo calcium imaging in awake-behaving mice and neuronal circuit tracing.
QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED- We are looking for candidates with a Ph.D. degree in Biology or related discipline and advanced experience in modern techniques in neuroscience (neuroanatomy, viral vector use, molecular biology), as well as a strong publication record. A strong knowledge of genetic models, particularly mouse, and live-cell imaging, is an advantage. Excellent spoken and written English is indispensable. Funding for the positions is available, although application to independent funding will be encouraged. Our Research Institute offers high quality innovative research experience, and outstanding well- equipped research facilities in an inspiring research environment.
Interested candidates please submit (in a single pdf) your application letter, CV, list of publications, and the names of two referees to Dr. Pablo Chamero:

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3 years
INRAE Centre Val de Loire
Physiology of Reproduction and Behaviors

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Laboratoire de Physiologie de la Reproduction et des Comportements UMR 0085 INRAE/CNRS/Université de Tours Nouzilly, 37380 France

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