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Post-doctoral position in Brussels/Belgium

12 November 2020

Post-doctoral position in Brussels/Belgium

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The Laboratory of Neural Differentiation of the Institute of Neuroscience (UCLouvain, Brussels) is interested in the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control neuronal differentiation and migration during embryonic development. Recently, we identified a non-cell autonomous process that regulate neuronal development in the mouse embryonic spinal cord. RNA-seq experiment enabled to identify candidate factors/pathways potentially involved in this process. The goal of the project is to determine the contribution of these candidate factors/pathways to spinal cord development. First, possible contribution will be evaluated in the chicken embryo using spinal cord electroporation or organotypic spinal cord cultures. Second, conditional genetic mouse models will be generated or imported to demonstrate the participation of the selected candidates in spinal neuronal development. Phenotypic characterization will range from gene expression and biochemical analyses to behavior evaluations. The project will be carried-out in the stimulating environment of the Institute of Neuroscience, which comprises three research groups dedicated to the development of the nervous system and platforms performing behavior analyses, and of the Health Sciences Sector of the UCLouvain, which houses five institutes and numerous technical facilities involved in cutting-edge biomedical science research.

We are looking for a highly-motivated postdoctoral researcher in international mobility (i.e. who has not lived or carried out her/his main activity [work, study, etc.] in Belgium for more than 24 months in the three years prior) interested in neural development, control of cell differentiation, signaling pathways in development and non-cell autonomous regulations. Experience with mouse genetics, chicken embryo manipulations or fluorescence imaging analyses will be considered an asset.

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3 years
Institute of Neuroscience, UCLouvain
Laboratory of Neural Differentiation

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Frédéric Clotman
Laboratory of Neural Differentiation
Institute of Neuroscience, UCLouvain
avenue Hippocrate 55, box B1.55.11
building Harvey 55, 3d floor
B-1200 Brussels

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