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Technician in Allschwil (Basel area)/Switzerland

19 November 2020

Technician in Allschwil (Basel area)/Switzerland

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Allschwil (Basel area)/Switzerland


We are seeking a motivated experienced Scientific Associate in vivo CNS neuropharmacology / neurobiology.

- Design and perform pharmacological studies in rodent models of neurodegeneration based on genetic, pharmacological, misfolded protein fibril- and viral vector-mediated approaches to evaluate the neuroprotective potential of novel CNS drug candidates
- Perform neurological and behavioral evaluations (e.g., of fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, rating of clinical scores, electromyography measurements) in rats and mice. Participate to the documented selection of the most relevant tests
- Sample biological fluids (cerebrospinal fluid, blood) and tissues (brain, spinal cord, nerve, muscle) and perform biochemical analyses via different analytical methods (e.g., FACS, Western blot, Immunohistochemistry)
- Responsible for the efficient planning, analysis and documentation of experiments in a multidisciplinary environment; writing of internal scientific reports
- Communicate research findings internally, and collaborate closely with other research groups in the company
- Literature search for the setup of relevant experimental methods and optimization of existing protocols
- Supervise breeding of transgenic mouse/rat colonies, write veterinary animal licenses

- Bachelor or Master degree in Science, ideally with additional knowledge in Neuroscience; alternatively, a technical education with longer experience on the job (no PhDs)
- Recognized as an animal experimenter (LTK1 or equivalent)
- Practical work experience in the field of neuroscience of more than 5 years in academia or, preferably, in an industrial setting
- Hands-on experience in animal dosing (oral gavage, subcutaneous and intraperitoneal injections), rodent behavioral pharmacology, necropsy including brain (microdissection of brain regions) and spinal cord
- Experience in ex vivo cellular and tissue analysis (particularly FACS)
- Excellent English

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Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd
CNS pharmacology

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Léa Schneider
Hegenheimermattweg 91
4123 Allschwil
+41 58 844 10 93

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