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Post-doctoral position in Maastricht/Netherlands

20 November 2020

Post-doctoral position in Maastricht/Netherlands

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Postdoctoral researcher for the University Eye Clinic Maastricht to develop new, personalized treatments for glaucoma.

The eye disorder glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness. Vision loss results from degeneration of the optic nerve and loss of retinal ganglion cells, the specialized retinal neurons that transmit the visual information from the eye to the brain. Current state-of-the-art treatments often fail to halt the disease. While the pathophysiology is not known in detail, glaucoma certainly is a heterogeneous disorder. Thus, it is required to characterize patients extensively and to diversify and personalize the treatment.

The postdoc will help to build a glaucoma research center which employs biochemical analysis of blood and aqueous humor samples, and in vitro assays on patient cells to assess patients’ individual glaucoma profile. An important task of the postdoc will be to establish in vitro glaucoma models using cells of patients, including retinal cells derived from iPSCs. These in vitro models will be used to develop and select appropriate treatment options. The postdoc will work in a team of glaucoma specialists, senior scientists, PhDs and technicians.

- PhD degree in cell biology, biochemistry, pharmacy or related field.
- Preferably a few years of experience as postdoc.
- Expertise in in vitro disease modeling, preferentially using iPSCs.
- Preferentially experience with “omics” and biomarker studies.
- Excellent communication skills since team members have diverse backgrounds.
- We are looking for an enthusiastic, independent researcher who will use the freedom and opportunities that are offered to create his or her own research line, while motivated to make a difference for the patient.

Please send your application by email to quoting : “postdoctoral position glaucoma” in the email subject.

Job Information

Closing date:
Employment start date:
Contract length:
4 years (1 + 3)
Maastricht University
University Eye Clinic Maastricht

Contact Information

Theo GMF Gorgels
PO box 5800
6202 AZ Maastricht
the Netherlands
+31 (0)43 3871565

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