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Post-doctoral position in Aarhus/Denmark

11 January 2021

Post-doctoral position in Aarhus/Denmark

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The Nykjaer Lab at DANDRITE ( - The Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience - and Center of Excellence PROMEMO ( at Dept. of Biomedicine (, Aarhus University, is seeking a talented postdoctoral fellow to study synapse biology in mental health, memory, and associated diseases.
DANDRITE is devoted to interdisciplinary approaches in basic and translational neuroscience. PROMEMO aims to understand the function of memory associated proteins that determines the persistence of a memory.
Research focuses on the family of sortilin/Vps10p receptors that controls neuronal cell fate, neurodevelopment, circuit formation, and synapse biology. Having pioneered this field, we found that sortilin receptors are critical regulators of cellular signaling and trafficking, and are functionally associated with neuropsychiatric disorders and impaired memory.
The successful candidate will be part of a vibrant, international research team and work on a project aiming to understand how sortilin/Vps10p receptors control mental health and memory acquisition and consolidation.

Your job responsibilities include:
• Independent research of high international quality, including publication
• Stereotactic virus injection in adult mice
• In vivo Calcium imaging using fiberphotometry and/or miniscopes
• Confocal microscopy – sample preparation, imaging, and image postprocessing
• Cell biology and culture including primary neuronal cultures
• Classical biochemistry and molecular biology techniques
Experience with 2-photon microscopy, mouse behavior, single-cell RNA sequencing (tissue preparation, data analysis), viral mediated shRNA, and cell signaling are an advantage.

Potential candidates are strongly encouraged to contact Prof Anders Nykjaer before submitting an application. Email:, tel.: (+45) 2899 2384.
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2 years with possibility of extension
Aarhus University
DANDRITE, Dept. of Biomedicine

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Anders Nykjær
Hoegh-Guldbergs Gade 10,
DK-Aarhus C,

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