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Post-doctoral position in San Juan de Alicante/Spain

15 February 2021

Post-doctoral position in San Juan de Alicante/Spain

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San Juan de Alicante/Spain


2 Postdoctoral positions available (Institute of Neuroscience, Alicante)
Our group investigates mechanisms that mediate the rewiring of neural circuits by experience and how they shape cognitive processing and emotional behaviors. We have a strong interest on tackling how dysfunction of these processes drives brain diseases ranging from Huntington disease, to schizophrenia or depression and ways to harness them for therapeutics.
The specific projects will focus on: 1) local regulation of mRNA translation in vivo by novel multiprotein complexes and its modulation during cognitive tasks; and identification of synapse-level modulatory switches; 2) dissection of roles of non-conventional glutamate receptors on cortical circuits using genetically-modified mice, 3D-reconstruction and activity manipulations (Cerebral Cortex (2020), Nature Rev Neuroscience, 17, 623 (2016), Journal of Neuroscience, 34, 9213 (2014), Nature Medicine, 19, 1030 (2013), PNAS, 110, 20807 (2013)]. Applicants should have a PhD in Neuroscience or a related discipline, and a strong background in cell/molecular/mRNA, synapse-level fluorescent imaging methods, or mouse genetics/Crispr techniques. Experience in the tracing of synaptic circuits, or quantitative imaging will be valued.
Our lab provides an alive bilingual scientific environment at the Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante by the Mediterranean Sea. The Institute hosts groups exploring the development, structure and function of the nervous system using a large repertoire of state-of the-art approaches. In addition, our team is engaged in national and international collaborations that allow us to expand knowledge and resources.
The position is initially funded for 2 years; competitive candidates should be committed to eventually becoming self-funded with fellowships and engage in mentoring Master/PhD students. Candidates should submit CV and contact info for 3 references

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2 years (possibility of extension)
Instituto de Neurociencias
Cellular and Systems Biology

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Otaño Pérez -Otaño
Avda Ramón y Cajal s/n

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