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Ph.D. Student in Trento/Italy

17 February 2021

Ph.D. Student in Trento/Italy

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We are seeking for a highly-motivated and passionate student, with a strong attitude to work in a collaborative and interdisciplinary team, and with a background in physiology, molecular biology or neuroscience.

The PhD project will use neuromorphic photonic circuits to modulate neuronal excitability in in-vitro models of autism and epilepsy. Investigating the cellular mechanisms by controlling the neuronal excitability paves the way to develop novel therapeutic opportunities for a number of invalidating brain disorders. The goal of this project is to study in-vitro models of epilepsy and autism to modulate their electrical activity by using neuromorphic photonic circuits. Neuronal cultures from the brain of mouse models of epilepsy and autism will be grown on neuromorphic photonic circuits and cutting-edge techniques (including optogenetics, confocal microscopy, and multi-electrode array recordings) will be used to investigate the interactions between neurons and photonic circuits.

This PhD will be part of the ERC-funded BACKUP project (; P.I. Prof. Lorenzo Pavesi, Dept. of Physics) and the UniTrento strategic project Trentino Autism Initiative (TRAIN;; P.I. Prof. Yuri Bozzi, CIMeC).

Contacts: Yuri Bozzi (, Lorenzo Pavesi (

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4 years
University of Trento
CIMeC - Center for Mind/Brain Sciences

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Yuri Bozzi
Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC) - University of Trento
Piazza della Manifattura 1, 38068 Rovereto (TN) Italy

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