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Ph.D. Student in Brighton/UK

23 February 2021

Ph.D. Student in Brighton/UK

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A Ph.D. studentship (42 months) is available from 01. September, 2021, under the supervision of Dr Sylvia Schröder, Neuroscience, School of Life Sciences.

The Schröder Lab ( at the University of Sussex, UK, offers a position for a PhD student starting in September 2021.

We study how behaviour and internal states like arousal influence visual processing in the early visual system, in particular the retina and the superior colliculus. Based on recent discoveries that even the earliest visual signals in the brain are not purely visual (Schröder et al. 2020, Neuron,, we want to understand how the integration of visual and behavioural signals could benefit the processing of visual input and ultimately help the animal to reach its behavioural goals. Our lab works with mice as model system and uses two-photon imaging, high-density electrophysiology (Neuropixels probes), and opto-/chemogenetic manipulations to address these questions.

Available projects include: (1) To discover how visual responses of different cell types in the retina and superior colliculus (receiving direct retinal input) are modulated by behaviours like running and by different states of arousal; (2) To discover the mechanisms underlying this behavioural modulation, focusing on the effects of neuromodulators like noradrenaline and serotonin. Details of the projects will be shaped by the skills and interests of the candidate.

Please submit a formal application using the online application system at, including a CV (2-3 pages), degree transcripts and certificates, statement of interest (1 page) and names of two academic referees.

For enquiries about the application process contact Emma Chorley;
For enquiries about the scientific project contact Sylvia Schroeder:

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42 months
University of Sussex
School of Life Sciences

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Sylvia Schroeder
School of Life Sciences
Sussex House

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