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Ph.D. Student in ORLEANS/France

29 March 2021

Ph.D. Student in ORLEANS/France

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Project title : Mode of action of insecticides and intracellular regulation of insect neurons through the activation of insect nicotinic receptors.
Summary : The project aim to study the mode of action of new active compounds on insect neurons (Cockroach, Honey bees and pea aphid). Our laboratory combines electrophysiological and calcium imaging approaches from insect neurons. We are looking for a candidate with good capacity for teamwork and communication skills. Previous experience in electrophysiology will be appreciated (but not necessary).

Methods and technical skills :
The hired Ph.D student will have to perform patch recordings on insect neurons (cockroach, honey bee, pea aphid) and also toxicological studies.

Pre-selection process
A pre-selection will be made based on documents provided by applicants (Complete CV, letter of recommendation, the results obtained in the master program).

The university of Orléans :
The university of Orléans is located in the south of Paris (1h15 from Paris) and 20 min from the downtown of Orléans. It comprises 26 research laboratories and around 20 000 students. Life in Orléans is wonderful and not expensive. The Ph.D student could live in the downtown of Orléans like many students. He/Her will have access to all laboratory’s equipment.
Salary : around 1400-1450 €/month (health insurance is paid by the University)

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Université d'Orléans
LBLGC USC INRAE 1328. Entomolgoy and Integrated Biology

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Steeve Thany
University of Orleans - Bât Physique Chimie 1er étage
1 rue de Chartres - BP 6759
45067 Orléans France
+33 (0) 2 38 41 70 58

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