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Professor in Trieste/Italy

30 March 2021

Professor in Trieste/Italy

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The Neurobiology group of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA; launches an international call to invite expressions of interest from qualified scientists in the field of Neurobiology - and in particular in electrophysiology, imaging and molecular neurobiology - in view of the possible opening of a Professor position in 2021. Women scientists are encouraged to apply.

The Neurobiology group is looking for candidates with a proven record of research achievements, a clear potential to promote and lead research activities, and a specific interest in training and supervising PhD students. Lab space and start-up funds will be commensurate with the appointment. Shared facilities include cell culture rooms, confocal microscopes, atomic force microscope, and optical tweezers. SISSA encourages fruitful exchanges between neurobiologists and other scientists including physicists and mathematicians.

Expressions of interest should be addressed by e-mail to the following address:

Applications should include a full CV, a brief description of current research interests and all relevant information about the applicant. Knowledge of Italian is not required as research and teaching are always done in English.

There is no specific deadline for the application, and the selection process will continue until a successful candidate has been identified. As a result of this enquiry, it will be decided whether or not to fill a position, and to offer or activate the recruitment procedure.

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International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA)
Neuroscience Area

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Michele Giugliano
Via Bonomea 265

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