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Ph.D. Student in Trondheim/Norway

07 April 2021

Ph.D. Student in Trondheim/Norway

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We have a vacancy for a PhD candidate at NTNU at the Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine at the laboratory of Dr Nathalie Jurisch-Yaksi. Our main scientific goal is to understand the fundamental principles underlying the function and development of neural circuits in health and disease. In order to achieve this aim, we use the zebrafish as model system.

The main goal of the PhD candidate will be to unravel the impact of cerebrospinal fluid flow on the biochemical landscape of the brain and on brain physiology. The PhD student will use a wide range of omics approaches (including MALDI-based imaging proteomics and metabolomics, and spatial transcriptomics) together with microscopy, histology, behavior and computational approaches in the zebrafish.

Please read our recent publications to have a broad overview of techniques and approaches used in our laboratory.

More information, including the requirements for the position, is available online at

Only applications submitted online on the will be considered.

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3 years
Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine

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Nathalie Jurisch-Yaksi
Olav Kyrres Gate 9
7030 Trondheim

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