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Platon Gregorievich Kostyuk (1924-2010) in memoriam

17 May, 2010 in FENS News

Platon Gregorievich Kostyuk (1924-2010) in memoriam

With sadness the Ukrainian Society for Neuroscience announced that Platon Gregorievich Kostyuk died.

FENS is deeply saddened by the death of Platon G. Kostyuk. FENS and Ukrainian Neuroscience Community have joined forces not to long ago to promote neuroscience research and to establish connections between researchers from Ukraine and other FENS member societies. Platon Kostyuk was a strong supporter of such aims and his commitment is gratefully appreciated. The Ukrainian neuroscience community has lost a devoted scientist and FENS too shares in this loss.

Helmut Kettenmann
FENS President

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