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Brain Awareness Week funds 2011

02 February, 2011 in FENS News

Brain Awareness Week funds 2011

2011, the directors of the Dana Foundation approved a grant to FENS once more. This money enables funding of several small grants to various European Brain Awareness Week partner organizations for public presentation during the campaign.

FENS distributed these grants in a competitive procedure. A call for applications was launched and the best projects were selected. 90 applications from 28 different European countries were submitted, 27 projects in 19 different European countries can be supported. The following BAW events (listed in alphabetical order by last name) were selected for funding:

1. Battaglia-Mayer, Alexandra (Rome, Italy) THE BRAIN FOR LITTLE KIDS II: The Brain in Action

2. Bilewska, Karolina (Lublin, Poland) The Days of the Brain VI : Brain - the manipulator in string puppet-show

3. Blank, Dorotea (Gothenburg, Sweden) The creative Brain

4. Cicek, Metehan (Ankara, Turkey) 1st Brain Awareness Week in Ankara University

5. Dierrsen, Mara (Barcelona, Spain) BCNSpain IX Edition

6. Dino, Alessia (Torino, Italy) BRAIN, MIND AND SOCIETY

7. Gasparyan, Arsen (Yerevan, Armenia) „Explore your brain"

8. Girão da Cruz, Maria Teresa (Coimbra, Portugal) The beauty and the brain

9. Grieder, Matthias (Bern, Switzerland) Brain Week 2011 in Bern

10. Gurzu, Cristian (Braila, Romania) The young bright minds

11. Heffer, Marija (Osijek, Croatia) Knowledge Seeking Genes

12. Jankeviciene, Corrie (Plunges raj, Lithuania) The child's brain: environment, training and social influences on mental health

13. Jovanovic, Ksenija (Toledo, Spain) Spinal Cord in Health and Illness

14. Kol, Ravid (Jerusalem, Israel) Brain and Film

15. Kostovic, Ivica (Zagreb, Croatia) THE LEARNING BRAIN (Education and neuroscience)

16. Krugers, Harm (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Brain Awareness for Kids

17. Milton, Amy-Louise (Cambridge, UK) Psy-Fi (Psychology Films) Memory Film Festival 2011

18. Ormel, Lasse (Oslo, Norway) High school students explore the brain

19. Peker, Gonul (Izmir, Turkey) BAW in Izmir

20. Pochet, Roland (Brussels, Belgium) Neuroscience at the European Parliament in Brussels

21. Prötsch, Markus (Salzburg, Austria) BAW in Salzburg

22. Pyza, Elzbieta (Krakow, Poland) The 2011 Brain Awareness Week in Krakow

23. Salesse, Roland (Gif-sur-Yvette, France) Theater play :"Incense and tar"

24. Schoenen, Jean (Liege, Belgium) "Semaine du Cerveau 2011"

25. Sengpiel, Frank (Cardiff, UK) Workshop: Learn about Life

26. Starc, Martina (Ljubljana, Slovenia) BAW 2011: Train your Brain

27. Toth, Eva (Hevesvezekény, Hungary) PLEASURE – ADDICTION – BRAIN FUNCTION

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