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Terje Sagvolden (1945-2011) in memoriam

15 February, 2011 in FENS News

Terje Sagvolden (1945-2011) in memoriam

Professor Terje Sagvolden, one of the Founding fathers of FENS, suddenly died on January 12th.

Earlier in the day, he had enjoyed a ski trip, and in the evening he experienced chest pains. He has been the FENS representative of Norway since FENS was founded, and has contributed importantly to the development of FENS throughout this period. He took, as always, a very active part in the FENS council meeting in December.

Terje Sagvolden was born in 1945, and experienced a very successful career in neuroscience, as a leader in the area of Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). His discovery in the late 70ies of the SHR rat as an animal model of ADHD has been of great importance for this entire field. He pursued his research both experimentally and in the clinical setting.

The Norwegian neuroscience community has lost a devoted scientist and FENS too shares in this loss.

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