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FENS History funds 2011 awarded

27 October, 2011 in FENS News

FENS History funds 2011 awarded

ain, in 2011 the FENS History funding round has been carried out and 4 projects were awarded. FENS warmly congratulates the awardees!

The funded awardees and projects are the following:

a) Paolo Mazzarello from Italy, Pavia - Golgi revealed

b) David Price from UK, Edinburgh - The rise and fall of phrenology in Scotland

c) Jean-Gaël Barbara from France, Paris - Translation of the CHN website Club Histoire des Neurosciences of the French neuroscience society

d) Octavian Buda and Ana-Maria Zagrean from Romania, Bucharest -
Historiography of Neurosciences in Eastern Europe, Romania, 1870-1970

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