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Brain Chat: new podcast now out

28 July, 2015 in Neuroscience News

Two new part neuroscience podcast series from Cambridge University are now out: reporting on exciting brain research revolutions presented at the Cambridge Neuroscience 2015 Seminar.

This podcast addresses key questions including: can we boost the brain through diet? What is the reason for our existence? Will Sat Nav and Google Maps diminish brain power? And should animals be used in research? 

Guests include Nobel Laureates John O'Keefe and Edvard Moser - will reliance on Google Maps and Sat Nav diminish our brain? Douglas Armstrong discusses the controversial use of animals in brain research. Plus we join Giovanna Mallucci who links together the making, and breaking, of the mind. Andrea Brand, developed a pioneering technique which allows scientists to peer into the brain as never, gets to grips with the effects of diet on the birth of brain cells AND Daniel Wolpert the self proclaimed movement chauvinist - argues that our sole reason for being is to move. 

To listen in please follow the link:


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