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Nobel prize-winner John O’Keefe at the FFRM2015

09 October, 2015 in FENS News

Nobel prize-winner John O’Keefe was on the winning 'old timers' basketball team at the FENS regional meeting in Thessaloniki this week.

This FFRM 2015 also featured vibrant social events, including a Basketball Tournament that saw the participation of the Nobel prize-winner John O'Keefe. 

Four teams of meeting delegates competed in a basketball tournament cheered along from an enthusiastic audience of FENS attendees. Helped in their first match by weighing in the average h-index of the players, the old timers team won its final match with regular 10-6 score. 
Introduced by FENS President Monica Di Luca, O’Keefe gave the opening, public lecture at the 6-10 October meeting to a full house at the University of Thessaloniki about his work on place cells.

 Prof. Monica Di Luca at the Presidential  lecture
 John O'Keefe awarded at the Basketball Tournament

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