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Sleep and Circadian Rhythm at the recent Brain Conference

21 October, 2015 in FENS News

Pearl on a necklace: The fourth Brain Conference – this time centred on sleep and circadian sleep - took place last week, in Copenhagen

Designed as a small-scale, high-level meeting, the scientific reunion has been an impressive one, not only content-wise, but also in terms of group cohesion, networking, geographic distribution and gender balance.

102 neuroscientists from 24 countries (45 women, 57 men) have gathered for 3,5 days to share and absorb knowledge on facts, latest discoveries, challenges and secrecies of sleep and circadian rhythm.

Plenary presentations accompanied by group discussions and a competitive poster session have been the core of the scientific meeting. Despite the rain, the majority of the participants ignored the not-so-fortunate weather and didn’t miss the arranged city-walk guided tour, which proved to be an exciting experience, and an original way of networking and getting to know each other better.

The meeting ended with the Gala Dinner, during which the best two poster presentations were announced, and the winners – warmly applauded and rewarded.


How was this Brain Conference?...tiny, rare, precious pearl on a necklace, others to be added.

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