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Brain health must be at heart of Europe 2020 strategy

03 December, 2015 in FENS News

A healthy brain is Europe's platform for national wealth, argues Professor David Nutt, President of the European Brain Council.

We do not have to search the far reaches of space or the depths of the Earth to find the whereabouts of the most complex structure in the universe. It is the human brain and it lies inside every one of us. It controls our bodies and is the home of our personalities, thoughts and feelings. The brain is a true wonder that needs to be nurtured, protected and cared for.

The human brain is also the origin of many chronic, disabling disorders, including developmental, psychiatric, neurodegenerative and pain-related diseases that represent an enormous burden in terms of both human suffering and economic cost. Brain disorders affect at least one in three people during their lifetime.

I have the privilege of being the President of the European Brain Council- a non-profit organisation that brings together scientists, clinicians, patients and industry from the field of the brain. We have published a report demonstrating that brain disorders cost Europe €800bn in 2010. That's more than cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes combined. 

Source: The Parliament Magazine


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