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FENS welcomes the Malta Neuroscience Network as new member

15 January, 2016 in FENS News

This month, the Malta Neuroscience Network (MNS) joins FENS as the 43rd member organisation. FENS now represents neuroscience societies across 33 countries in Europe.

FENS President, Monica Di Luca, says: “Our mission is to promote all aspects of neuroscience and to be at the service of the European neuroscience community. FENS ambition is also to stimulate the creation of national neuroscience societies in all European countries and to facilitate coordination between its members for the benefit or neuroscience research and education, bringing European research to the next level. This is why we are happy to welcome the newly formed Malta Neuroscience Network as a member of FENS.”

Professor Giuseppe Di Giovanni, President of the Malta Neuroscience Network  

“Brain disorders represent the most important challenge to public health in the 21st century” says Professor Di Giovanni, coordinator of Malta Neuroscience Network. “With the creation of the Malta Neuroscience Network, a community made up of neurologists, psychiatrists, radiologists, biomedical scientists, engineers, psychologists, cognitive and ICT scientists as well as others from different disciplines working on neuroscience, we want to keep up with the most important development in brain research worldwide."

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