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From the Neurexpert blog: Brain changes in diabetic mellitus contribute to neuropathy complications

25 July, 2016 in Neuroscience News

New research published in the European Journal of Neuroscience from the lab of Natalie Gardener and Rasmus Peterson at the University of Manchester, UK, has discovered that the brain plays a big role in abnormal sensory processing that develops as a complication of diabetes.

Carolyn Lacey, Scientific Outreach Manager of the Neurexpert blog, writes about an article in the European Journal of Neuroscience "Thalamic amplification of sensory input in experimental diabetes”. The authors of the article found that neurons in the thalamic ventral posteromedial nucleus from rats with experimental diabetic neuropathy showed increased firing to precisely graded, multidirectional whisker deflection compared to non-diabetic rats.

Neurexpert was founded in 2011 to provide assays delivering data on compound potency and efficacy at the native target. These assays bridge a gap between in vitro and in vivo screens, confirming mechanism of action and provide essential functional and mechanistic data on the neural mechanisms underlying higher brain functions such as cognition and sensory processing. 

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