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FENS-Kavli Scholars received ERC grants

22 September, 2016 in FENS News

FENS warmly congratulates two FENS-Kavli Scholars for their recently awarded ERC starting grants.

Gaia Novarino and Hangya Balazs has recently received ERC starting grants for their research.

Gaia Novarino analyses genetic and molecular basis of neurodevelopmental disorders. She received the FENS Research Award 2016 and was appointed FENS-Kavli Scholar in 2016. She has been Assistant Professor at IST Austria since 2014.

Balazs's research examines how different neuron types of subcortical centers mediate cognitive processes such as attention, learning and memory. He was appointed FENS-Kavli Scholar in 2016.

A total of thirty-five FENS-Kavli Scholars have received twenty-one ERC grants for their research (5 Consolidator and 16 ERC starting grants).

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