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FENS signed a letter on the importance of primate research

14 September, 2016 in FENS News

More than 400 scientists, including FENS President and members of the FENS Committee on Animals in Research, have signed a letter stating that brain experiments on primates are crucial to medical advances, in response to claims that they are cruel and no longer useful.

Last week, Sir David Attenborough and the primatologist Dame Jane Goodall called for an end to the use of non-human primates in certain neuroscience experiments, saying medical progress in this area could now be made without the use of monkeys.

In a letter to the Guardian, scientists rejected this claim, arguing that primate research was still critical for developing treatments for dementia and other debilitating illnesses.

FENS President, Barry Everitt, commented: "FENS promotes and advocates the responsible use of animals for biomedical research under the current European directive. Animal research represents the key to medical progress in many areas, and in particular in the area of brain research. FENS is supportive of the research using animals where alternative methods are not available, where the potential benefits to health are compelling, and where acceptable ethical and welfare standards can be met."

Please click here to view the letter.

If you are a primate researcher or neuroscientist, it is still possible to sign the letter, and your signature will be updated on Understanding Animal Research website within 48 hours.

Understanding Animal Research: "Guardian publish letter in support of primate research".

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