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Open Letter on recent developments in science in the US

10 February, 2017 in Neuroscience News

European science organisations: maintain transparency, open communication and mobility of scholars and scientists.

A large number of major European organisations in the area of science, research, innovation and higher education, including FENS, have written an Open Letter to European Prime Ministers, as well as the President of the European Council and of the European Commission, and Commissioner Carlos Moedas for Research and Innovation to express their concern about recent developments in the US.

"We, as European organisations involved in science (which for us includes the social sciences and humanities), research, education and innovation, benefit from and wish to defend the open exchange of ideas and people, which constitutes the foundation of scientific endeavour.

From our multiple contacts with scientists, researchers and organisations in the USA and around the world we are aware of the anxiety among our colleagues concerning the impact of the ongoing policy reorientation under President Donald Trump and his administration."

Read the Open Letter and the list of signatories

For more information and for joining the initiative, please visit the Euroscience website.

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