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"Brain Diaries": New exhibition opening in Oxford

10 March, 2017 in Neuroscience News

The secret life of your brain is revealed in new exhibition at the Museum of Natural History.

New exhibition "Brain Diaries" is opening on the 10th of March at the Museum of Natural History in Oxford.

"Brain Diaries", unlocks the mysteries of the brain’s development at each stage of life, from before birth until old age.

Developed in partnership with Oxford Neuroscience, this new exhibition charts the fascinating changes that take place in the brain with each new chapter of life. It shows how your brain’s billions of neurons and trillions of connections make you the person you are.

Featuring specimens from the museum’s collections, digital interactives, and video contributions from neuroscientists, "Brain Diaries" will give visitors an insight into some current understandings from the rapidly developing field of neuroscience.

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